HYDROMAXX 3/4″x100Ft Black Flexible PVC Pipe O.D 1.05 I.D. 0.824


3″ Dia. Black Flexible PVC Pipe for Pools, Spas, Ponds and Water Gardens

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Size 3/4″ O.D 1.05 I.D. 0.824 

Our Black Flexible PVC Pipe, is commonly used for water gardening (ponds, waterfalls, fountains, etc.) drains, fish hatcheries, irrigation, farming and gardening, and other applications where the utilization of rigid pipe is either not practical or not desirable. Commonly referred to as pond hose, flex tubing and flexible PVC, our black flexible PVC hose is strong and long lasting, as well as extremely flexible. The black color prevents sunlight penetration which reduces the ability for algae to grow, and makes it practically invisible underwater. The advantage to using black flexible PVC over rigid pipe is that it can be easily routed in any direction without the use of multiple fittings, which makes plumbing your pond, fountain or waterfall much simpler. It can be used in areas where space (for fittings) is limited and/or in situations that rigid pipe is difficult or impossible to work with. It is sunlight, ozone and mildew resistant. A rigid internal PVC spiral (helix) provides strength to resist crushing and impact issues, and this PVC pipe can be used for above-ground or under-ground installations (with proper cushioning). It can also be used as a conduit to run protected electrical, cable, phone or fiber optic lines and can also be used as a protective liner for softer hoses or tubes, or for smaller diameter hoses. It is much stronger than our non kink water garden pond hose, providing longer life, stronger connections and allowing it to be used in more applications. Trimming or cutting is much simpler than with rigid PVC pipe (it can be cut with PVC pipe cutters, a standard hack saw, a carpenters saw, etc.). With a precision controlled outside diameter, it can be easily glued using standard Schedule 40 plumbing fittings and any good, commercially available PVC glue (we recommend the Gorilla Brand cement) for flexible or rigid PVC. It eliminates back pressure caused by sharp turns created by multiple fittings, which increases the efficiency of your system and lowers your overall operating/energy cost. Each fitting eliminated with this highly flexible pipe is one less fitting that can fail and cause your system to leak. It also coils easily for storage and transport. It is specifically designed for use in the installation and maintenance of water gardens, koi ponds, fountains, watering systems, irrigation, drain lines and other similar water transfer applications where flexibility and ease of use is demanded.

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 7 in

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